EuroMillions Results | Tuesday 26th August 2014

The latest EuroMillions draw took place on Tuesday 26th August 2014 with an estimated jackpot of £17 million up for grabs, but were any ticket holders able to match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to land themselves the top prize? Here are the latest EuroMillions results:

The latest EuroMillions results

Main Numbers: 10, 22, 36, 45, 48
Lucky Stars: 4, 11
UK Millionaire Raffle: MRH531124

The prize breakdown for last night’s draw has revealed that there were no ticket holders across Europe that were able to match all seven numbers drawn to win the jackpot, however six ticket holders won the second tier prize of £115,285.10 (€158,311.70), with three of these winning tickets sold right here in the UK! In total for this draw, there were 1,384,149 winning tickets sold for the main game, with over 824,000 players each winning £3.10 for matching two main numbers. To view the EuroMillions prize breakdown, visit

As there were no jackpot winners in this draw, there will be an estimated double rollover jackpot of £24 million up for grabs on Friday for anyone that can match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars!

One ticket holder in the UK won a guaranteed £1 million in last night’s draw, after they successfully matched the winning UK Millionaire Raffle combination: MRH531124.