Lotto and Lotto Raffle results | Wednesday 9th April 2014

The latest Lotto and Lotto raffle draw took place on Wednesday 9th April 2014, and had an estimated Rollover jackpot of £5.9 million up for grabs, but did anyone manage to match all six numbers to scoop the top prize? Here are the latest Lotto results:

Latest Lotto and Lotto Raffle resultsLotto results: 08, 17, 20, 32, 41, 43
Bonus Ball: 09
100 Lotto raffle winners

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The prize breakdown has revealed that there were no jackpot-winning tickets sold for this draw, however there were four lucky ticket holders that managed to win the second tier prize of £59,208 for matching 5 main numbers and the Bonus number. In total for this draw there were 140,964 winning tickets sold, with prizes starting at £25 for matching just 3 numbers.

As Saturday’s Lotto jackpot is now a Double Rollover, the jackpot has increased to an estimated £9.2 million, and there will also be a whopping 150 Lotto raffle winners!