National Lottery Website Down From 30/08/2014

The National Lottery website will be down from 7:30pm on Saturday 30th August 2014 in order to undergo some exciting changes that promise to improve services for players across all web-enabled devices. In order to make these changes, the website will be down from Saturday evening until Monday 1st September, in which time the website will only display the essentials, such as Saturday’s Lotto and Thunderball results after the draws have taken place and the results have been verified.

Players will be able to buy tickets for Lotto and Thunderball up to 7:30pm on Saturday night, the normal time for closure of ticket sales. After this time, players will not be able to access their accounts or buy tickets for further draws until the full website comes back online on Monday.

Officials are recommending that players write down any numbers that they have played online so that they will be able to check the winning numbers once they are released.

All players that have already purchased tickets for the draw online will continue to be notified by email if they have won a prize, the only difference is that players will not be able to access their accounts until Monday to withdraw any prizes they have accumulated in the Saturday night draws.