EuroMillions Results | Tuesday 18th March 2014

The EuroMillions jackpot for Tuesday’s draw was reset to the standard £12 million, after Neil Trotter won the previous draw’s £107.9 million jackpot by successfully matching all five Main Numbers and both Lucky Stars, but did anyone across Europe manage to strike it lucky in last night’s draw? Here are the EuroMillions results for Tuesday 18th March:

Main Numbers: 8, 27, 34, 36, 39
Lucky Stars: 5, 10
UK Millionaire Raffle: HZP388021


The full result and prize breakdown for this draw can be found at

While there were no ticket holders that won the jackpot in last night’s draw, there were four lucky EuroMillions players that managed to match all five Main Numbers and one of the two Lucky Stars to win £181,079.90 (€253,982) each! In total for this draw, over 1.5 million players across Europe won prizes that started from £3 for matching just two Main Numbers.

As there were no top prize winners in the 18/03/2014 draw, the jackpot for Friday’s EuroMillions draw is a Rollover at an estimated £20 million (€24 million).